Public Works

Department Functions
The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance on earth and paved roads, signage fabrication and installation, bridge maintenance, construction and maintenance of storm drainage systems. Services are provided throughout the un-incorporated areas of the county. The department also maintains county buildings and grounds and is responsible for the maintenance of all county vehicles. Building and Grounds, Maintenance Shop, and Roads & Bridges are apart of Public Works.

  • Provides road grading to approximately 321 unpaved roads and 40 rocked roads
  • Provides bush hog maintenance to unpaved and roacked roads and 45 paved roads
  • Provides asphalt patching to paved roads
  • Hauling and placement of crush-n-run, clay, and dirt are performed daily in order to provide and maintain safe traveling surfaces
  • Drainage maintenance is performed through the operation of backhoe, track hoe, and motor graders in order to keep and maintain road side ditches

The Public Works Department has created a system to maintain roads more efficiently. We have divided the county into four (4) quadrants (as seen on the map). We rotate the quadrants every six (6) to eight (8) weeks depending on weather.