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Contact a County Employee
To search for a County Employee you will need that employee's first and last name.

Locate Office

You may use this function to search for the exact location of a County office.

Search for job postings

Use this function to search for available jobs within the County of Hampton.

Pay Taxes

This function gives you options for paying your property taxes.

View Annual Audit Reports

This function will give a list of current and past Annual Audit Reports for the County of Hampton.

View County Ordinances

This function gives a list of Ordinances and allows users to view those Ordinances.

View Demographics of Hampton County

This function will give the most recent demographics for Hampton County. Demographics include characteristics for population estimates, education, employment, income, household and families, as well as other vital information on the County.

View online documents

This function allows the viewing of online documents for each County department/office.

Report Issues with the Website

This function allows website users to report any issues that are encountered while using the Hampton County Website.