Boards & Commissions

The services provided by our Boards and Commissions are essential to the well being of the county. County residents who are interested in serving on a board or commission may obtain an application from the Clerk to Council or go to the link at left to submit your application online. Listed below are the many dedicated citizens who work for the County of Hampton.

All board meetings are open to the public. 

Airport Commission

Meets: Monthly, 2nd Tuesday at 5:00 P.M.
Airport Pilot House
Jack Woodward, Chairman
Charles Platts, Jr.
Fred Mixson, Jr.
Lional R. Ward
Lewis Hardison
Adrian Priester
Jacob Brodersen
Buddy Bullard, Ad Hoc

 All Wars Memorial Board

Meets:  As Needed
 JC Clifton, Chair
 Danny Dean
 Edd Goodman
 Ronald E. Reynolds
 William Solomon, Jr.
 Mary Ann Sowell, Vice-Chair
 John Perry Williams
 Terry Wright
 Mac Smith

Arts Council


Meets:  2nd Monday, 7:00 P.M., Palmetto Theater
Annette Tuten, Chairwoman
John Glenn Wright, Vice Chairman
Nykki Smalls, Secretary
Heather Bruemmer, PIO
Cortney Gibbons
Dawn Flemming
Board of Adjustments and Appeals


Meets:  As Needed
 Wally Hiers, Chair
 Marc Priester
 George Cannon
 John McKenzie 

 Board of Voter Registration and Elections

 Meets: Quarterly -  at 5:30 P.M.
 B.T. Deloach Building
 Linda Givens, Chair
 Mark Altman
 Carlar Williams
 Elise S. McQuire
 Marvin Love
 Karen G. Scott

 Council on Aging Advisory

 Meets:  Every 2 Months, 3rd Monday, 4:00 PM, 
 108 Pine Street, Hampton
 Louise Hopkins, Chair
 Ann Long
 Neil E. Sullivan
 Carl Roach


 Disability and Special Needs Board




 Economic Development Commission
 Meets:  3rd Tuesday, 12:00 Noon (Alternating Months)
 200 Jackson Avenue East, Hampton
 Russ Bullard, Chairman
 Glynis Avant
 Paul Hankey
 Holbrook Platts
 Ronnie Stanley
Jake Sullivan
Dr. Ronald Wilcox
Elizabeth Wooten
Brian Burgess, Ad Hoc
Bill Hager, Ad Hoc

 Fire Board

Meets:  Quarterly,  in the B.R..O.C. **, 6:30 P.M.
703 2nd Street, Hampton
 Allen Terry, Chair
 Jody Hadwin
 Beth Chafin

 Library Board


Meets:  4th Tuesday, Hampton Library
 Dawn Winn 
 LaSonya Bryson-Murdaugh
 Clarissa Geddis
 Emerson Wiles

Annette Diamond
Dwana Doctor
Myrtle Sumter


 Lowcountry Resort and Tourism Board



 Planning Commission

 Meets:  4th Monday, 6:00 P.M.
 B.T. Deloach Building*, Hampton
 Barry Long
 Latoya Robinson
 Adriano Rota

 Tax Appeals Board

Meets:  As Needed
 Janie Rivers, Chair
 Sheila Bowers
 Don Curtis Deloach

Transportation Commission Board


*    B.T. Deloach Building located at 201 Jackson Avenue West, Hampton (Conference Room B)
**  B.R.O.C. (Emergency Operations Center) located at 703 Second Street West, Hampton

Boards with County Representation

 Lowcountry Community Action Agency  Dr. Roy Hollingsworth, Marcella Brown
 Lowcountry Council of Government  Buddy Phillips
 Lowcountry Council of Government Board   Rep.  
 Lowcountry Regional Transporation Authority William Borum, Jr. 
 Lowcountry Workforce Investment Board Richard Doctor, Buddy Bullard, Sandy Steele, Bridget Gray-Peeples
 New Life Center Durena Marcum, Anthrown Roberts, Sarah Jo Whithycombe 
 SouthernCarolina Alliance, Board of Directors Bill Hager, Buck Harvey, Buddy Phillips, Nathan Wilson, Terry Wright 
 SouthernCarolina Alliance, Advisory Board Rose Dobson-Elliott