Hunter's Paradise


  • Bostick Plantation: Bostick Plantation is a blend of the old and the new. It is the best of two distinctly different eras.


  • Buck Run Hunting Lodge: Located in Hampton County, South Carolina, where whitetail deer populations and harvests have traditionally been number one or two statewide throughout the history of deer hunting, Buck Run Hunting Lodge, LLC offers the serious whitetail hunter an experience he will never forget.
  • Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge: Located in the heart of the low country of South Carolina, just a few miles from the Savannah River, Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge is rapidly growing in reputation as one of the premiere hunting lodges in the Southeast. With comfortable accommodations, fine southern home cooking, and a wonderful relaxed sportsman’s atmosphere, you can be assured that your visit to Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge will be both enjoyable and unforgettable. 
Cypress Creek

Guide Service

  • Gohagan's Guide Service: Gohagan’s Guide Service limits the number of hunters per day so you will have a more individualized hunt. You or your group will have a hunting experience you can enjoy while also being able to sit back and relax in the countryside.