Probate Court

ATTENTION: As with all public offices, we are here to serve you. We can best serve you with a scheduled appointment. Due to the many facets of the office of Probate, you may be able to reach the Judge or the Clerk immediately. Please leave a voicemail with a return telephone number and/or email either. Keep in mind the sensitivity of the matters of Probate and be respectful in your attempts to telephone the office as we may be working with a family(ies) and are momentarily unable to answer your call. We will respond as soon as possible and definitely within a 24 hr. period. Also, the records of this Court are not available online.

Department Functions:

  • Open estates for decedents

  • Prepare, create and maintain files for estates of decedents, minor children, Incapacitated Adults

  • Hold hearings in regards to decedent estate matters

  • Hold Minor Settlement Hearings/create and maintain files

  • Hold Wrongful Death Hearings

  • Hold hearings in the matters of adjudication of capacity/incapacity

  • Hold Judicial Commitment Hearings

  • Issue applications for marriage and record marriage certificates. Maintain

the records of marriage. Application documents required over 18: Driver’s License,


  • Issue certified records upon request and payment of records of estates and marriage.

  • Issue Orders of Detention once presented with application issued from the Mental

Health Office or the New Life Center. Please see either of those offices if you are concerned about the health, mental state, safety for yourself and the public, the individual. Probate Court cannot assist you with these matters UNTIL you have

contacted the office of mental health or new life for drug or alcohol issues.

To initiate proceedings for a decedent Pro Se-without an Attorney:

1-Bring the Original Last Will

and Testament and/or Codicil

2-Original Death Certificate.

The Probate Court will assist in the preparation of the Probate documents upon receipt of completed work copies of the documents from the family of the decedent.

Personal Representative(s) will be appointed by the Court by a scheduled appointment only (not same day).

There is no attorney staffed in this Probate Court. If you have any legal issues/questions/disputes regarding the matters of probate, you will be instructed to seek counsel as we cannot advise.

Original Probate Estate records are onsite from 1878 until current date.

Original Marriage records are onsite from 1911 until current date.

The Courthouse is at the Junction of Hwy. 278 and 601 Hampton County, S. C.

The Probate Court is located in the Courthouse Building 2nd floor.

Cell phones are not allowed in the building.

Forms and Statute are available at

Probate Judge Sheila B. Odom Probate Court Deputy Clerk April Murdaugh

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 601 Hampton, S. C. 29924

Telephone: 803-914-2172 Fax: 803-914-21283

To access forms/applications/petitions, visit our FORMS link for a complete list of forms available online.

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