Temporary Plates and High Mileage Appeals

Temporary License Plates
Section 56-3-210. (A) A person who newly acquires a vehicle or an owner of a foreign vehicle being moved into this state is required to be registered under this chapter, before operating the vehicle on the state’s highways. During the forty-five day period contained in this section the owner must:
  1. Transfer a license plate from another vehicle pursuant to subsection (D) of this section and section 56-3-1290.
  2. Purchase a new license plate and registration
  3. Purchase a temporary license plate from the Motor Vehicle Division
  4. Purchase a temporary license plate from the County Auditor’s office in the county in which the person resides
  5. Obtain a temporary license plate from a dealer of new or used vehicle
  6. Obtain a temporary license plate from the casual seller of the vehicle

The Motor Vehicle Division or the County Auditor’s Office must, upon proper application, issue a temporary license plate designed by the Motor Vehicle Division to a casual seller or buyer of a vehicle. The cost is $5.00 per temporary plate.

For further information, please contact Hampton County Auditor’s Office

Appeals for High Mileage
  • In order to receive a high mileage deduction an appeal form must be filed at your County Auditor's office before or on the due date. An appeal is not allowed after due date, unless it falls on a weekend or a holiday. If this is the case, you will be granted the next business day only. VISUAL reading of the odometer may be necessary. Hi mileage guides are supplied by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.
  • South Carolina Law provides for a pro-rated refund on the taxes paid on a vehicle, if the vehicle is sold or registered out of state prior to the renewal date.
  • The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act exempts military personnel or their spouse whose HOME OF RECORD is in another state.
  • Application for military exemption on personal property must be made in person or by your agent acting on your behalf. When submitting a copy of your LES to the auditor's office, whether by email or fax, please cover or remove sensitive information such as your social security number and wages. We use this form primarily to validate your state of record.
  • If you are still receiving a tax bill for a boat or motore you have sold, junked, abandoned, or destroyed, you must notify the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources at P.O. Box 167, Columbia, South Carolina 29202.
  • Assessment Guides are furnished to the County by the South Carolina Department of Revenue to assess personal property.