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Lester Warren

Becky Brunson
Administrative Assistant

201 Jackson Avenue West
P.O. Box 652
Hampton, SC  29924

Phone: (803) 914-2090
Fax: (803) 914-2098

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Department Functions
The function of the Assessor's Office is to maintain an inventory of parcels of real property including mobile homes in Hampton County and its municipalities; and to assure that all properties are appraised fairly and equitably.  The Office is only responsible for:
  • Real Property Appraisal
  • Mobile Home Appraisal
The Assessor's Office locates, lists, and appraises the value of real property.  Approximately *58% of Hampton County's general revenues come from property taxes generated through the apprisal of real property.  Property owners each pay a share of the cost of County services by paying taxes proportional to the value of their property.  The property taxes are based on the market value of the land and buildings, although other methods of determining value are used as well.

  • Prompt response to appeal assessments following county-wide reassessment
  • Complete continuing education hours during the fiscal year
  • Generate and mail assessment notices, legal residence, and agricultural applications in a timely manner

This office is responsible for:
  • Appraising real estate and mobile homes for ad valorem tax
  • Producing an annual certified assessment roll for ad valorem taxation for all properties within the Assessor's jurisdiction
  • Maintaing records of deed sale transactions, building permits, tax maps and other records necessary for a continuous reassessment program
  • Reviewing and qualifying real properties for legal residence and agricultural special assessments
  • Representing the County in property tax appeals to the Board of Assessment Appeals and the Administrative Law Judge
  • Maintaing the inventory of mobile homes in the County

* - Based on June 30, 2005 County Government records