How do I obtain a residential building permit?
You must submit the following:
1. Two complete sets of plans showing:
a. foundation which should include piers, footings, straps, anchors, and curtain wall.
b. a floor framing detail.
c. a typical wall section.
d. a roof framing detail including the type of roofing materials.
e. electrical plans.
f. HVAC and plumbing plans.
2. A site plan showing the new building in respect to all other buildings and setbacks from the property lines.
3. If any plumbing is being installed and you do not already have a septic system or sewer you will need a septic system permit from the Deparment of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) or a letter from the town authorizing water and sewer service.
4. An Encroachment Permit for a driveway from the South Carolina State Highway Department may be needed.

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