Department Functions

The Coroner's Office conducts independent investigations of deaths serving as a representative of the decedents and survivors. The investigation's purpose is to determine the manner of death and ensure that the circumstances surrounding it are thoroughly understood. The Coroner is charged by law with the investigation of all deaths in the county related to suicides, homicides, accidents, sudden deaths, or deaths that may have resulted form criminal acts.


  • Establish informative programs with schools, churches, and other community organizations and groups
  • Implement awareness among teens on the affects of drunk driving
  • Promote awareness on the affects of drug related fatalities


  • Perform independent investigations into traumatic deaths, deaths that occur outside of hospitals and deaths that occur suddenly or unexpectedly
  • Notify families when unexpected deaths occur, such as in traffic fatalities or homicides
  • Make positive identification of individuals who have died
  • Create reports that relate to deaths investigated by the Office
  • Issue burial transit permits for individuals who have died outside of a hospital
  • Provide autopsy and Coroner's reports to agencies and next of kin
  • Make the final determination as to the manner of death
  • Release personal effects to the next of kin
  • Act as the central depository for all records relative to a death, including the Medical Examiner's Report, police investigative reports and any other investigative agencies' reports
  • Maintain the County Coroner's Book of Inquisitions
  • Conduct inquests
  • Issue cremation permits
  • Participate as a member of the Disaster Preparedness Team