Veterans Affairs

Department Functions

The function of the Hampton County Veterans Affairs Office is to assist veterans and their dependents or survivors in filing applications to determine their eligibility and conditions of benefits entitlement as administered by the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Affairs Officer is appointed by the Governor.

Section 25-11-10 of the SC Code states the Veterans Affairs Office shall assist all ex-service personnel, regardless of wars in which their service may have been rendered, in filing, presenting and prosecuting to final determination all claims which they have for monetary compensation, hospitalization, training and insurance benefits under the terms of federal legislation. These services are extended to eligible dependents, including parents, widows, children and orphans of ex-service personnel.

The department also assist with filing application for Education benefits and Free Tuition Program for certain war Veteran children.

This office will continue to administer services that were set by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This includes research, preparation, development presentation and prosecution of claims submitted to the VA Regional Office in Columbia, SC, Philadelphia, PA, or the Board of Veteran’s Appeals in Washington, DC. Additional services include training / certification, briefing benefits and counseling.


  • Certify and Record DD214’s and assists with upgrading DD214’s
  • Assist veterans or their dependents and survivors with service-connected and non-service-connected claims
  • Assist veterans or their dependents and survivors with educational benefits
  • Assist veterans and National Guardsmen with obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility for a VA Home Loan
  • Assist with appeals/waivers
  • Assist with verification of income
  • Assist with Eligibility Verification Reports / Medical Expense Reports
  • Assist with change of address
  • Initiate Direct Deposits
  • Assist widows with DIC, Widow’s Pension / EVR / Medical Expense Reports / Waivers, etc.
  • Coordinate with other local and state agencies to render advice and assistance to veterans, their dependents, and survivors
  • Visit hospitals and nursing homes as well as veteran’s homes to explain where to go and who to contact when applying for benefits
  • Assist in filing annuity applications for surviving spouses of military retirees
  • Assist in filing CRSC (Combat Related Special Compensation)
  • Assist veterans in scheduling medical appointments and ordering/reordering prescriptions
  • Assist veterans in scheduling transportation to VA Medical Centers in Charleston, Beaufort, and Orangeburg for appointments and Compensation & Pension (C&P) examination
  • Assist veterans in filing SC Tax Form PT-401
  • Offer Notary Public Service and Work Study