Department Functions
The function of the Landfill Department is to provide citizens with a convenient means for the disposal and collection of solid waste and to ensure that it is done in accordance with law.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control R.61-107.11 establishes the policies and procedures for the collection and disposal of Construction and Demolition debris (C&D).  To comply with this requirement, Hampton County has established an operational C&D landfill for the citizens and local contractors to properly dispose of this type of material

  • Complete a review of the existing solid waste engineering contract
  • Monitor number of hauls of waste and tons of waste to ensure continued efficiency with the County's contracted solid waste disposal provider
  • Conduct a sale of scrap metal

The Landfill accepts
  • All wastes that are generated from construction, remodeling, repairing, or demolition of structures, road building, and land clearing.

The Landfill does not accept
  • Industrial waste that are generated by manufacturing or industrial processes
  • Commercial wastes that are generated by stores, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and other non-manufacturing activities
  • There are certain banned items that cannot be disposed of in a C&D landfill (i.e., treated lumber, liquid paints, items containing lead-based paints, creosoted cross-ties and any hazardous materials.  Citizens should contact the Landfill if they have any questions.
  • The Landfill accepts the same items for recycling as the drop off centers with the exception of newspapers, inserts, plastic jugs, aluminum and steel cans, and empty oil bottles.